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SWT, one of the prominent Progressive Web App (PWA) development company Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide a full range of mobile app development solutions for our clients, including custom mobile apps, games, enterprise software, 3D animation, and augmented and virtual reality applications. Get the best of both worlds through PWA development. Why should you go for PWA? Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a web application that gives the look and feel of a native mobile application. PWAs bridge the gap between a mobile application and a mobile website by providing features like better page load speed, offline capabilities, UI like native applications and minimum memory requirements. Developing a progressive web application is a future method of developing a versatile solution that allows the user to access the web application from virtually any device.

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Our talented developers will engineer PWAs with offline compatibility, allowing users to access PWAs even from short connections. We develop progressive web applications that users can easily add to the home screens of their devices. We make customized PWA according to your needs. Our developers have extensive experience working with a wide variety of industries, helping them understand your needs and develop a highly customized PWA solution for you. Our skilled programmers will develop the best PWA according to your needs, keeping your PWA protection in mind. Using the innate capabilities of PWAs, our developers create a PWA that will run seamlessly on any device, screen, and browser.

PWA lets you get the user-friendly experience of the mobile application and the ability to use the memory of a website. By working with a variety of industries such as health, media, banking, food, gaming and education we can understand the different needs of each industry and create customized PWA solutions accordingly.

Our process starts with a kickoff meeting in person.

Loading PWAs is much faster than native applications. This is a very small PWA size compared to a native app because even using service personnel technology, our expert PWA developers will create PWAs that are lightning-fast to load. Thus, progressive web applications are an effective and efficient alternative.


PWAs can operate even in offline mode and it can provide such a glit-free experience even with low network connectivity. By using PWA’s offline support feature, our developers will ensure that the most important features of your app are cached. Your users will be able to access important features of your app without internet.

Creating PWA is much more affordable than the native application. This is relatively quick and easy compared to creating a native application created in a PWA because using their application development skills, our PWA developers will create high-quality progressive web applications at a much lower rate than native applications.


Our designers, developers, and marketing strategists collaborate primarily to ensure a well-designed, well-designed, and optimized website from scratch.


We use a Discovery Questions web app to prepare clients for kick-off meetings and guide us through the planning process.


We are developing a PWA that will increase the engagement level of your web application. We’ll set up home screen accessibility features in your PWA, allowing the Chrome browser to ask the user to add PWA to their home screen. In addition to these, we create PWA which can run extremely efficiently on any device and browser.

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